An Evening of Praise in Preparation for Christmas

Theme: “Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him”

  1. Opening Prayer

  2. Introduction

  3. song- “Down at your feet Oh Lord” inspired by Psalm 100

  4. Reflection on the theme by Monsignor Maher Chammas

  5. The First Reading ( Account of Creation) taken from Colossians 1:16

  6. Songs inspired by Psalm 96:9 and Psalm 86:9-10
    “Immortal Invisible God”, with a prayer
    “We worship you”

  7. The Second Reading (Consequences of the Fall and Salvation) taken from Romans 5:18-19

  8. Songs-
    “Wonderful Merciful Saviour”, with a reminder from Jeremiah 3:1-3, “You are Mine”, with a prayer, inspired by Exodus 15:13
    “Potter's House” inspired by Jeremiah18:1-6

  9. The Third Reading ( The Promise of the Messiah) taken from Isaiah 7: 14

  10. Song – “O Come O Come Emmanuel” inspired by Lamentation 3:55-58 and Psalm 80: 18-19
    “Great is thy Faithfulness”

  11. The Fourth Reading from Isaiah 9:2 ( The purpose of the Messiah) with a quote from Psalm 36:9

  12. Song inspired by matthew 11: 28 - “I get on my knees”, with a Prayer, inspired by Ephesians 6:18
    “You raise up” inspired by Isaiah 49:10

  13. The Fifth Reading (Annunciation) taken from Luke 1:26-31

  14. Songs- inspired by Deuteronomy 6:4 and 2 corinthians 5:14
    “Ave Maria”, with a prayer
    “I surrender”

  15. “TheMagnificat”(TheVisitation)

  16. The Sixth Reading (Nativity) - Sixth Reading from Luke 2: 4-7

  17. Song- “Oh Holy Night”

  18. Introduction on the Marian Association and their works by Sheba Awuah-Darko

19. Prayer and song- “ Whatsoever you do”

20. Prayer and Song- “Salve Regina”

21. Appreciation by The Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Henryk Jagodzinski 22. Music, Refreshment and Socialising